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Financial Assistance

Veterans Affairs Canada (VAC) offers a wide range of services and benefits to:  

  • qualified Veterans;  
  • Canadian Forces (CF) members;  
  • serving and discharged members of the RCMP;  
  • certain civilians; and  
  • their families.  

These services and benefits honour their sacrifices and achievements, and are designed to meet their changing needs.


The War Veterans Allowance (WVA) provides a regular monthly payment to low-income clients. To qualify for WVA, you must meet certain income and residency requirements and you must be:

  • a Canadian Armed Forces Veteran, Merchant Navy Veteran or civilian who served in close support of the Canadian Armed Forces in a theatre of war during the First or Second World War or the Korean War; or  
  • an Allied Veteran with wartime service in the First or Second World War providing you lived in Canada at the time you enlisted or at any time while a member of that force.  

Surviving spouses or common-law partners, as well as orphans, may qualify for WVA if the deceased Veteran or civilian had the required war service. The survivor may continue to receive WVA at the same rate as married or common-law partners for one year after their loved one passes away. After one year, the rate will then be reduced to a single rate. The WVA payment ends when the survivor passes away, remarries or begins a common-law relationship.

Long-Term Care

Eligible war service Veterans and certain civilians may qualify for intermediate care or chronic care at the Department's contract facilities, or at more than 1,900 community facilities across the country, some of which have contractual arrangements with our Department.

CF pensioners may qualify to receive intermediate or chronic care in long term care residence if the need for this care is related to a pensioned condition. Allied Veterans who have lived in Canada for 10 or more years after their period of service may be eligible for long-term care in community facilities.

For more information about subsidies and services offered by VAC, please go to the VAC website at:

Source: Veterans Affairs Canada Website 

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